Welcome to YourHistoryConnection


My name is Ed Short. I have spent the last few years working hard to uncover my family roots. I created this site to assist others in researching their own family stories and discovering their connection to history.

There are many reasons to do family research. You can use it to:


  • Connect yourself with historical events like the Civil War
  • See patterns of behavior throughout your family history
  • Unearth recurring medical-related issues
  • Solve family mysteries
  • Verify or refute family legends
  • Enhance your vacations
  • Find your geographic roots


Please see the tab “MY STORY” to learn why I started YourHistoryConnection.

If you have always wondered “Where did my grandparents live?” “What year did my ancestors arrive in North America?” or “What were my ancestors doing during the Civil War?”  then please see the tabs "HOW IT WORKS” and “GETTING STARTED”.

There is no upfront obligation and no risk.