YourHistoryConnection: My Story

It all started with a bust and a mystery. My wife’s family had a story that had been handed down for several generations. The story went that there was a bust on prominent display at the University of Edinburgh of one of my wife’s paternal ancestors. No other information was known.

With an upcoming vacation to Scotland in our plans I thought it would be good to pin this story down one way or the other and then include something on our vacation if there was indeed something to include.

Long story short after about a year of investigation it turned out her paternal Great Grandfather had been a student and a Professor at University of Edinburgh and had been awarded a prize for Chemistry. When we visited Scotland we included the University where we found a note written by someone in 1991 who had looked up the same gentleman and provided a clue as to his birth.

We followed that clue to the Virgin Islands and found a number of items including newspaper clippings on the Professor’s father (my wife’s Great Great Grandfather) and his grave which provided clues back to London on his birth.

I became hooked on the whole mystery family search process and have never looked back. I have since found a number of relatives of my own family who were involved in the civil war, some who immigrated from Ireland in the early and mid part of the nineteenth century and have located the original towns from whence they came.

These towns are now on our vacation list going forward!

Then I started doing friends families and it just never got old. I located an Italian ancestor for someone who immigrated to US and then promptly changed his name. I located the ancestors of a family who never knew anything about their ancestors and connected them with distant relatives who have an annual family reunion with over 500 people.

For me this is as much fun as a full time hobby/small business can get.